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The leading manufacturer of prefabricated technical buildings and industrial parts made of composite materials in Quebec.


At  Les Bâtiments BUT Ltée. we offer a bespoke design and evaluation service for our departments of fiberglass and welding such as:

Specifically manufactured fiberglass elements

We develop and manufacture bespoke moulds for the production of fiberglass elements for all commercial and industrial uses. Our flexibility in bespoke development and our moulding techniques allow us to provide quality products at competitive prices.

Possible elements:

  • Fiberglass repeater cabinets.
  • Fiberglass battery storage cabinets.
  • Fiberglass derived products such as cable entries, antenna supports, cable-run boxes, etc.
  • Specialised moulding techniques
  • Chopper gun, match moulding, split moulding
  • Mass production of drilling and cutting jigs
  • Evaluation of reinforcement material chemical components and specific manufacture stages.

Telecom radomes

These products are specifically required in the telecommunication industry for two reasons: they allow for installation on sites which are especially sensitive in terms of architectural integration (partial or complete camouflage) as well as protecting transmission antennas from the effects of the weather.

  • Fiberglass construction with effective radar wave transparency.
  • Bespoke construction to suit architectural requirements. The texture, form and colour of existing exterior surfaces can be reproduced with precision.
  • Mechanical performance can be validated with engineering calculations or laboratory tests on request.

Steel elements

We also have our own welding shop which can produce accessories and transform structural profiles. Products can be delivered with a painted or a hot-dip galvanised finish.

  • Balconies or guard-rails
  • Support hooks and clamps
  • Structure profiles
  • Vandal-proof protection grills
  • Wind-screens for shelters
  • A wide variety of other parts

195 Rue Brissette C.P 180,
Phone : 819 321-2020
Phone : 877 662-6020
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